Webnames.ru company began accepting applications for the registration of domain names in the zone .MENU

In mid-March 2014 has started accepting applications for the registration of new names in the top-level domain zone .MENU. Reception and processing of applications made by the company Webnames.ru.

We remind the new domain .MENU was created specifically for sites fast food, cafes, restaurants, bars, culinary websites and other organizations associated with the production and sale of food.

Become a proud owner of a domain name in zone .MENU can both legal and natural persons. Domains will be the official web-site area for cooking, as well as restaurants and other resources, catering companies, including snack bars, cafes, fast food outlets and so on. N. The first children’s top-level domain registration sites Runet started

In early March on the Web began to operate a new domain space – “.deti.” According to analysts, the zone will be popular among Russian citizens. The ceremonial event held in late winter. And the first day of March in the new zone was already possible to register new sites. Management of the new domain to the Fund’s “reasonable internet.”

On the creation of the zone “.deti” worked employees of the Ministry of Communications, with the assistance of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. All registered domain sites must comply with child-related issues. The authors of the idea of a special domain zone argue that the new domain will be widely distributed among Russian web-masters and will evolve rapidly. The purpose of the child domain zone – promoting children’s Internet. We remind domain “.deti” – the first Russian top-level domain in RuNet. The project was implemented during the project New gTLD. In April will be released a few thematic domains in RuNet – «.tatar», «.rus”, “.moskva», «.moscow».