The first stage of registration of new domain zones .SAYT and .ONLAYN

In mid-January 2014 in the Russian Federation has started accepting applications for official registration of domain names in two new top-level zones – .SAYT and .ONLAYN. A message was posted on the official web-site registrar – Ru-Center.

Initially will be implemented step premium and priority registration. In particular, manufacturers can apply from countries such as Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, as well as brands, translated into Cyrillic or registered in the depository ICANN. The first phase of registration will last until the end of the first quarter of 2014.

Since the second quarter of 2014, will be held on stage of registration of new domain names in .moskva and .moscow.

Some time ago, the company’s Core (Switzerland), specializing in the areas of domain names and Cyrillic .Sayt and .Onlayn, reported on the registration of 50,000 domain names.

In parallel, companies and manufacturers of products / services to register a domain name in the new areas will be able to both ordinary users. The difference between the domain name registration for individuals and legal entities will be exclusively in value. For individuals, this service will be a bit more expensive. For Russian citizens such service shall not be more than one thousand rubles. However, only in the priority registration period (until the end of March 2014).

Since April 2014 in domain areas .Onlayn and .Sayt begin the second phase of open registration. Register new names in these spaces will be in Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Belarusian languages.

Until January 2014 the registration of domain names on the Internet in Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian carried out exclusively in the areas .RF, Ukr and .SRB. In addition to opening new domain zones .Sayt and .Onlayn, in RuNet in 2014 will open domain .MOSKVA and .DETI.